Microsoft Sustainability

“VitalMetrics was an incredible partner - proactive and transparent in minimizing surprises regarding timeline and milestones; extremely insightful in drawing conclusions from complicated analysis; and skillful in delivering constructive criticism of a methodology that a third-party partner had developed (fundamental to our partnership/product development). I would recommend VitalMetrics highly to any prospective customer.

-Elizabeth Willmont, Carbon Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

NIST Sustainability

"The quality of the deliverables exceeded NIST’s requirements. VitalMetrics delivered an Input-Output BEES LCI database that was extremely detailed, well organized, and superbly documented. I am now able to trace their calculations from beginning to end, making this a fully functional database that I can use for many years to come to do research I hadn’t dreamed of when I prepared the scope of work for the contract"

- Barbara Lippiatt, National Institute of Standard and Technology, US Federal Government

Travis Perkins Sustainability

"We commissioned VitalMetrics to quantify and analyze the carbon, energy, water and waste impacts within our supply chain. We were very impressed with the efficiency of the process, and the support throughout the project. The findings are extremely important and mean that we can more easily identify focused interventions that are likely to have the greatest impact and deliver results more efficiently.

We will also be able to help suppliers identify areas of their own operations where improvements can be made. From a governance perspective we will now be able to report on our scope 3 emissions with greater confidence. This fits in well with our existing business objective to improve our environmental reporting procedures"

- Jez Cutler, Head of Environment & Sustainability, Travis Perkins

Webcor Builders Sustainability

"Knowing that world class science is behind CEDA gives us and our clients ultimate confidence in the methodology and process we require from the enterprise and supply chain footprints provided."

- Phil Williams, Vice President, Webcor Builders