Scope 3 Calculation Tool

Web-based, interactive tool covering all fifteen scope 3 emissions categories.


Tool strengths:

  • In-tool error checking

  • Auto-calculations

  • Screening questions for relevancy

  • Ability to input primary data

  • Final results ready for third-party verification

Click image to watch a demo of the scope 3 calculation tool.

Click image to watch a demo of the scope 3 calculation tool.


Develop a more comprehensive view of your climate change impact, improve your CDP score potential, boost brand value, and showcase leadership in sustainability reporting.

Scope 3 Emissions Calculation

VitalMetrics' Scope 3 Calculation Tool allows for easy data input via a simple online questionnaire. Since it is compliant with Greenhouse Gas Protocol and CDP methodologies, the comprehensive results are ready for direct integration into sustainability reports and marketing initiatives. Click here to watch a demo of the tool.


Scope 3 Tool Final Results

Contains scope 3 calculations, graphics, methods, and data sources descriptions formatted for direct integration in your CDP Climate Change questionnaire.

CDP Reporting
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Sustainability Spend Analysis Tool

Web-based tool that calculates greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, and waste impacts throughout your supply chain.


Tool strengths:

  • In-tool error checking

  • Custom categorization of results for simple interpretation

  • Ability to input supplier primary data


This tool is designed to help your organization efficiently quantify the environmental impacts associated with the purchasing transactions between your organization and its suppliers. With this information, your organization can focus mitigation efforts on high impact categories. Click here to learn more about Spend Analysis

Sustainability Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis Tool Final Results

The Spend Analysis Tool allows you to categorize the results in many ways, including by procurement type, product category, business division, suppliers, regions, or projects. This diversity in output enables your organization to target the appropriate channels for mitigation efforts. 

The results of the analysis are available for download in CSV format.


Supply chain environmental impacts and spend by business division (spend redacted).

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Access CEDA 5, an extensively peer-reviewed suite of environmentally extended input-output databases through our upcoming API.