ACLCA Conference: Envisioning the Future: What-if Scenarios in LCA


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TUCSON, AZ – Along with leading a pre-conference workshop on scenario-based life cycle assessments (LCA), the VitalMetrics team will also be speaking during a special session at the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment's (ACLCA) LCA XIX. Our Chief Scientist, Sangwon Suh, and other LCA experts will be participating in the talk titled, Envisioning the Future: What-if Scenarios in LCA.

Understanding the potential future consequences of changes in key variables surrounding production and consumption networks—including policy, technology, markets, and climate—is central to developing long term strategies based on risk and opportunity metrics. When evaluating plausible trajectories of change and the effects of these future trajectories, what-if scenarios are indispensable tools in LCA.

This session will discuss how scenario-based analysis can be incorporated into LCAs, as well as the methods used to conduct a scenario-based LCA. It will include brief presentations from academia, industry, and consultants and conclude with a moderated, interactive panel discussion on methods used to a conduct scenario-based LCAs and the value of this type of analysis.

If you’re attending ACLCA LCA XIX this September, please joining us for this exciting discussion!