Webinar Announcement: VitalMetrics' Scope 3 Calculation Tool

Enabling comprehensive and reliable value chain emissions measurement

Scope 3 is becoming increasingly important for maximizing CDP scores, but supply chain emissions are often the most difficult to quantify. VitalMetrics has developed a turnkey, Scope 3 Calculation Tool for efficient and reliable value chain emissions measurement. This tool covers all fifteen scope 3 categories and requires minimal data collection, saving time and resources while producing comprehensive and scientifically robust results that are ready for direct integration into the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire.

Join us in this co-hosted webinar with CDP on January 30th at 11:30AM PST as we take a deep dive into our unique Scope 3 Calculation Tool and how it can simplify your organization’s scope 3 disclosure and help prioritize supply chain strategies.

Recording available here.

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