VM enter global partnership to deliver turnkey Scope 3 Calculation and CDP Disclosure services - FREE webinar

Your Road to 100A: Calculating Scope 3 Emissions

If your organization is responding to CDP, you may have an annual goal to improve your CDP performance. While achieving a ‘100A’ may seem out of your reach, VitalMetrics will help you develop a roadmap to improved performance year-over-year.

VitalMetrics, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) and Carbon Clear have teamed up for a free 45-minute webinar to provide an overview of how to get FCSI on your Road to 100A.

Specifically, this webinar will review a solution to efficiently and cost-effectively calculate your Scope 3 emissions.

You'll Learn About:

  • Best Practice from 100A Companies
  • How to plan ahead and set/achieve emissions reductions targets
  • Measuring emissions outside your direct Control: Scope 3

With over 5,000 companies reporting their climate change information through CDP, becoming a 100A leader will result in FCSI:

  • Reducing energy use and, ultimately, costs
  • Understanding your commercial and reputational risks and opportunities
  • Aligning with recognized standard business practices
  • Improving your corporate reputation
  • Meeting your customers’ needs for transparency and risk mitigation