Verdantix publish report on VitalMetrics' new scope 3 GHG calculation and CDP disclosure tool: VitalMetrics CDP

Executive Summary

In March 2015, IERS announced that the firm is rebranding to VitalMetrics with plans to launch a series of software-as-a-service tools to help organizations quantify supply chain-wide environmental and socio-economic sustainability impacts. Founded in 2005, VitalMetrics historically provided research and advisory services as well as its Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA) database for lifecycle assessment (LCA). Now in its fourth edition, the CEDA database allows VitalMetrics to conduct cradle-to-gate hybrid input-output LCA analysis targeting both multinational firms and government agencies. The first tool published to leverage CEDA 4 uses an organization’s procurement spend data to estimate scope 3 carbon footprints, which can be used for reporting, such as the CDP disclosure and supply chain hotspot analysis, or as a precursor to supplier engagement. The VitalMetrics hybrid input-output LCA approach improves efficiency by balancing the need for accuracy versus comprehensiveness, and complements sustainability management software, product stewardship solutions and specialist supply chain solutions.

Table of Contents

  • IERS Rebrands to VitalMetrics and launches Scope 3 carbon calculation and reporting tool