Scope 3 Calculation Tool

Web-based, interactive tool covering all fifteen scope 3 emissions categories.


Tool strengths:

  • In-tool error checking

  • Auto-calculations

  • Screening questions for relevancy

  • Ability to input primary data

  • Final results ready for third-party verification


Develop a more comprehensive view of your climate change impact, improve your CDP score potential, boost brand value, and showcase leadership in sustainability reporting.

S3 Tool Process.png

VitalMetrics' Scope 3 Calculation Tool allows for easy data input via a simple online questionnaire. Since it is compliant with Greenhouse Gas Protocol and CDP methodologies, the comprehensive results are ready for direct integration into sustainability reports and marketing initiatives.


Scope 3 Tool Final Results

Contains scope 3 calculations, graphics, methods, and data sources descriptions formatted for direct integration in your CDP Climate Change questionnaire.

Scope 3 Final Results.jpg

Sustainability Spend Analysis Tool

Web-based tool that calculates GHG emissions, water, and waste impacts throughout your supply chain
(scheduled to launch this year).


Tool strengths:

  • In-tool error checking

  • Auto-calculations

  • Categorization of results for simple interpretation

  • Ability to input supplier primary data


Supply chain environmental impacts and spend by business division (spend redacted).



Access CEDA 5, an extensively peer-reviewed suite of environmentally extended input-output databases through our upcoming API.